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Video Guided - Advanced FHA E-Program

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Have a foreclosure sale date? Falling behind on your mortgage? Running out of time? Our comprehensive Foreclosure and Mortgage Assistance e-program takes you through all of your available options for saving your home, and if necessary walk you step-by-step in negotiating a grace period with your bank and adjusting the terms of your loan. This video guided version of our standard mortgage assistance course has been designed from our successful experiences, so you will more than recoup the cost of the course with our experts' little-known tips and insights. With us, you'll gain the tools to correctly asses your best course of action given your situation and know your legal rights and protections when it comes to foreclosure. You not only gain access to our tools to see the chances of saving your home and your new monthly payment, but you also get 30+ years of experience in the form of tips and lessons condensed into a video format Designed for clients with a foreclosure sale date and/or have renegotiated terms with their lender at least once before.



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