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About Kingbreaker Group

If you're currently going through foreclosure, get taught by experts how you can stop the sale and save your house, possibly getting you lower mortgage payments with no hit to your credit in the process. Doing nothing will not save your home.

Get Taught by Mortgage Assistance Experts, start to finish

With over 30 years of collective experience in saving homes from foreclosure, the experts that make up Kingbreaker Group have come together to craft courses to impart our knowledge to you. 

From lawyers to real estate agents, our comprehensive programs take you through the entire foreclosure-avoidance process, from start to finish. We have helped save over one-hundred homes with our interactive guides, and allowed homeowners to take control of an otherwise chaotic process.

Not only can we show you how to save your home from foreclosure but you may also be able to lower your overall mortgage payment and interest rate by 25% to 40%.

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